Protect Your Nest Egg With a Complimentary Mortgage Checkup Protect Your Nest Egg With a Complimentary Mortgage Checkup

Receive a Complimentary Mortgage Checkup

Over time, your financial story and life situation will change. Having a checkup is a great way to ensure that your mortgage still aligns with your current goals, even if you didn’t get your original loan with Vellum.

You probably review your checking account transactions, credit card purchases and payments weekly, or even daily. And you’re likely making adjustments based on your findings, moving more money into savings to spend later on vacation, for example, or making a bigger payment when you have extra income.

A mortgage checkup helps you do the same thing. We take a deeper look at what’s probably one of the biggest elements of your financial life. Your current mortgage and other consumer debt such as credit cards, auto and school loans are reviewed to make sure that the current structure maximizes your tax benefits, provides optimal cash-flow and best suits your financial future.

Some of the Many Benefits of Getting a Mortgage Checkup...

  • Obtain better loan terms or eliminate mortgage insurance
  • Consolidate high interest loans
  • Leverage your growing home equity
  • Maximize your tax benefits
  • Free up cash for home improvement projects
  • Improve monthly cash flow & overall financial well-being
  • Peace of mind that you have the right loan for your current situation

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