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Private Mortgage Insurance
Private Mortgage Insurance 1024 778 jeremykingsbury

PMI, aka private mortgage insurance, is a type of mortgage insurance from private insurance companies used with conventional loans. Similar to other kinds of mortgage insurance policies, PMI protects the lender if you stop making…

Congratulations Patrick Gardner!
Congratulations Patrick Gardner! 810 450 jeremykingsbury

Congratulations to our very own Patrick Gardner! Last night he was officially inducted as a Residential Board Member of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) of Metropolitan Washington! About the MBA/WM The Mortgage Bankers Association of…

Things to Remember
Things to Remember 1024 683 jeremykingsbury

The are many factors that can change your ability to qualify for a mortgage. It’s important to follow these guidelines until your loan is closed. Do Pay all your monthly bills on time Keep track…

Millennials Buy Homes for Their Best Friends
Millennials Buy Homes for Their Best Friends 1024 684 jeremykingsbury

One–third of Millennials had their best friends at heart — dogs, that is — when deciding to buy their first homes. According to an online survey conducted by Harris Poll, only wanting a bigger home…

3 Keys to Owning Your Own Home
3 Keys to Buying a Home
3 Keys to Buying a Home 1024 683 jeremykingsbury

Mortgage guidelines for first-time homebuyers have changed over recent years. In order to ensure loan approval, you need to have everything in order before your application. Credit Credit is very important for the first-time homebuyer.…

Appraisal Methods
Appraisal Methods 689 460 jeremykingsbury

When you’re buying a home using a mortgage, refinancing your existing mortgage or selling your home to anyone other than an all-cash buyer, the home appraisal is a key component of the transaction. Whether you’re…

30 Years of Certainty
30 Years of Certainty 1024 536 jeremykingsbury

Thirty years can sound like a lifetime when you’re talking about getting a 30–year fixed–rate mortgage. There are so many uncertainties in life and who knows where you’ll be in 30 years. Will you switch…

Understanding Your Finances
Understanding Your Finances 628 419 jeremykingsbury

One of the first steps in the homebuying process is fully understanding your finances. It’s important and necessary to help you determine how much you can afford. Start by asking yourself the following questions and…

Understanding Cash-Out Refinances
Understanding Cash-Out Refinances 1024 683 jeremykingsbury

If you’ve built up significant equity through your monthly payments and your home’s appreciation, a cash-out refinance may make sense to improve your general financial situation or the value of your home. With a cash-out…

Why was I countered?
Why was I countered? 1024 768 jeremykingsbury

As a homebuyer, if you make an offer below list price, the seller may choose to reject, accept or simply let the offer expire. If there are multiple offers, the listing agent will lay out…

How a 20-year home mortgage can save you money
How a 20-year home mortgage can save you money 1024 536 jeremykingsbury

The 30-year fixed-rate home mortgage dominates the housing market, particularly for first-time buyers who appreciate the ability to extend their home loan payments for the longest possible term. The second most common fixed-rate loan term…

Responsiveness is an Absolute Value
Responsiveness is an Absolute Value 1024 683 jeremykingsbury

What does it mean to be responsive? First, it doesn’t mean fast. Responsiveness in selling is composed of two inseparable elements: value and speed. They both need to be present to be responsive. Take away…

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5860 Trinity Parkway, Suite 110
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Jeremy Kingsbury

Loan Officer
NMLS ID #: 1514934

M: (301) 509-1108
O: (202) 540-9999 Ext 106

5860 Trinity Parkway, Suite 110
Centreville, VA 20120